Manika Batra: India’s Table Tennis star -Learn About Her Height, Age, and More

Manika Batra

Manika Batra is an Indian table tennis player. She has achieved a great success in international competitions. She is the top female table tennis player in India. Her notable achievements has made her name in India.

In this article, we dig into the sudden life and vocation of Manika Batra and her accomplishments. And moreover, the impact she has had on the game of table tennis in India and then.

Manika’s Biography

Manika is a popular Indian Table tennis Player, who was born on 15 June, 1995 In Delhi, India. She is one of the best table tennis players of India, and the player who uses a long pimple rubber. Her nationality is Indian and she follows Hinduism. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Dancing and doing nail arts are her hobbies. 

Physical Appearance

Manika has an eye-catching personality. She is 6 feet tall and her weight is 65Kg. Her eyes and hair are in black color, and her body measurement is 34-28-34.

Early Life and Starting Factors

Manika Batra hails from Naraina Vihar in Delhi and is the youngest of 3 siblings. Her electricity for desk tennis touched off at the younger age of 4. Additionally, both her siblings, Anchal, and Sahil, are likewise energetic tennis gamers. Setting up a family climate that powered her affection for the sport.

Manika gained attention after winning under-eight competitions, she grabbed the eye of Sandeep Gupta. Sandeep Gupta is her mentor. He advised her to alternate to Hans Raj Model School, in which he ran his desk tennis foundation. This choice denoted the beginning of her tour toward significance.

Ascending Through the Positions

In 2011, Batra secured the silver ornament within the beneath-21 class at the Chile Open. Her capability and warranty drove her to deal with India in lofty activities. As the 2014 Region Games in Glasgow and the 2014 Asian Games. She kept on glowing, winning the 2015 Province Table Tennis Titles.

At the 2016 South Asian Games, Batra’s capacity turned into on full showcase. She got three gold in the girls’ doubles, combined pairs, and women’s group occasions. Her tour to the 2016 Summer Olympics began while she gained South Asia.

Worldwide Acknowledgment

Manika’s advancement got her in the 2018 Province Games in Gold Coast, Australia. She arose as India’s nice competitor. Triumphing gold in the women’s institution, women’s singles, and girls’ copies occasions. Her presentation launched her into the global spotlight.

Around the same time, Batra addressed India at the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. Her lively play and assurance obtained her honours. And made her the predominant Indian woman to reach the removal rounds of the Asian Cup.

The Long Pimple Elastic Strategy

For her first-rate gambling style, she is famous. She is one among a handful of lady players who use an extended pimple elastic. This capricious selection separates her and adds an element of surprise to her.

Significant Accomplishments

Manika Batra

ITTF World Positioning:

As of May 2023, Batra stands firm at the thirty-ninth footing within the ITTF global ratings.

Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna:

In 2020, She got this lofty Major Dhyan Chand Ratna. Perceiving her brilliant commitment to the Indian games.

Past the Table

Batra’s devotion stretches out beyond the desk. She came down demonstrating offers as a youngster. She declined to prepare for the Peter Karlsson Foundation in Sweden. All matters taken into consideration, she zeroed in on her schooling and tennis.

She found out at Jesus and Mary School, New Delhi, previous to devoting herself to the game. Her duty and penances have paid off, transferring innumerable youthful competition throughout India.

A Splendid Future

Manika Batra maintains on making India pleased along with her momentous exhibitions. Her excursion from a child of Delhi to a worldwide table tennis sensation. She is a demonstration of her flexibility, tough work, and exuberance. As she goes for the gold levels, we look for her next wins on the global stage.


As we contemplate the excursion of Manika Batra, it becomes clear that her effect reaches out. A protracted way past the domain of table tennis. She has not broken records and made unexpected progress on the worldwide degree. However, she has been a photograph of guarantee for big competitors across India. Through her commitment, enduring soul, and impossible-to-resist power. Manika has propelled an age of youthful competitors to think past realistic boundaries. Buckle down, and in no way abandon their objectives. She keeps on overcoming new levels along with her noteworthy accomplishments. Manika Batra remains an amazing illustration of what’s practicable whilst power meets fidelity.


Q1. What are some of Manika Batra’s extraordinary accomplishments in desk tennis?

Answer. A part of her eminent accomplishments comprises winning diverse gold medals. At the Province Games and gold for the women’s singles occasion at the 2018 Federation Games. She has moreover addressed India at the Olympics. And triumphed against maximum-stage gamers on the global circuit.

Q2. What separates Manika Batra as a desk tennis player?

Answer. She has unusual ball controls, fast reflexes, and a skill for awaiting her rival’s moves. Also, her mental sturdiness and ability to perform beneath anxiety.

Q3. How has Manika Batra added to the development of table tennis in India?

Answer. Manika Batra’s prosperity had an essential effect in promoting table tennis in India. Furthermore, Her accomplishments have roused another age of youthful gamers. To take in the sport and seek greatness. Moreover, she has been a supporter of grassroots development initiatives.

Q4. What are Manika Batra’s future goals and targets in her table tennis vocation?

Answer. Manika Batra has zeroed in on proceeding with her quest for greatness in table tennis. And making a lot of extra outstanding progress to any extent. She tries to cope with India at lofty global competitions.

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