11 Best Cricket Game for Android and iPhones

Best Cricket Game for Android

Both casual visitors and passionate cricket gamers can now join the cricket mania. They can do so anywhere and at any time. They can do so with many mobile games available on the Play Store and App Store and offer realistic simulations and arcade laughs. Cricket fans have plenty to provide on Android phones or iPhones. Here are the top 11 best cricket game for android and iPhones. They promise you joy and thrill on the go.

11. World Cricket Championship 3:

World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3) has redefined the benchmark for mobile cricket gaming. It did so with its realistic portrayal. WCC3 offers the most realistic cricket on a cell device. It has intuitive controls, pro observation, and multiplayer. You can play the Career mode or manage your own group in the National Premier League. WCC3 has it all to provide immersive cricket to players at all skill levels.

  • Features practical motion capture of cricketers for more suitable realism. 
  • Offers a Career mode wherein players can create and manage their own group.
  • Includes professional remarks from cricket legends like Matthew Hayden and Isa Guha.

10. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions:

In the Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, play as the cricketing god Sachin Tendulkar. Play his iconic matches from his career. They are the most popular in cricket. Play some of the Master Blaster’s memorable shots. They were at the most iconic cricket stadiums. This is on of the best cricket game for android. From One-days to World Cups. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions lets you feel the highs and lows of cricket glory.

  • Allows gamers to relive Sachin Tendulkar’s iconic fits and milestones.
  • Features excessive-give up photographs and movement-captured animations for immersive gameplay.

9. Real Cricket 24:

The game, Real Cricket 24, revives real-life gameplay. It has real-time multiplayer. The game has countless options for cricket lovers. They can play ranked matches or customize their characters. Real Cricket 24 will always excite.

Realistic animations add over 500 new batting strokes. They make the game give you the best cricket experience on your phone.

  • Provides real-time multiplayer video games for aggressive cricketing motion. 
  • Offers large customization options for man or woman appearances.

8. World Cricket Battle 2:

Experience the unstoppable thrill of cricket in World Cricket Battle 2. Trouble ranges are so unpredictable. They’ll keep you on tenterhooks throughout the match.

Their new sport, Big Ant Studios Cricket 22, will include the MyCareer and T20 game modes. It will also have dynamic weather effects. The game aims to give players an experience they may need, with realism and mission. 

  • Offers My Career mode for customized gameplay stories.
  • Features dynamic climate conditions that affect gameplay effects.

7. Indian Cricket Premier League:

The Indian Cricket Premier League has invited gamers to T20 matches and World Cups. The tournament looks a lot like the styling of the IPL. The sport is focused at kids. It mimics real-life stadiums . It captures the spirit of Indian cricket. Also, Hindi observation adds a non-public touch. Players can get into the action.

  • Features many tournaments, such as T20 fits and IPL-fashion collection. 
  • Offers mini-games for delivered entertainment between fits.

6. Stick Cricket Live:

Play extreme 1v1 multiplayer duels in Stick Cricket Live. Quick reflexes and strategy win games. The game has simple controls. It has a range of cricketing moves to learn. This is on of the best cricket game for android. The game is fast. It is tailored for gamers on the go. Improve your bowlers. Outsmart your warring parties. Then, you’ll become the final cricket champion.

5. Cricket League:

The game is for fans, through enthusiasts. Miniclip’s Cricket League lets fans to battle each other in fast multiplayer matches. The matches are at some of the most famous stadiums from around the world. The game has over 25 characters to unlock. It comes with a Cricket Mania season pass. The pass has extra rewards. It’s perfect for a quick gaming session. You will have fun at every turn in Cricket League, whether you’re playing in Mumbai or Melbourne.

4. Star Cricket Mobile

Star Cricket Mobile

This is another sensible cricket game from the makers of FAU-G. It has motion-captured animations. It is led by top world experts. The game has Quick Match, Tournament, and cinematic cutscenes. They allow fans worldwide to enjoy the game at their convenience.

3. Real Cricket GO:

Real Cricket GO is for low-end devices. It promises a great cricket experience without losing the spark. It has everything built in. This includes real global tournaments and cricket gameplay. They give hours of great and fun gaming. This is on their device that has limited hardware. Experience thrill on any tool.   

2. Epic Cricket:

We are talk about best cricket game for android Epic Cricket is one of them. It has a strong base of over 10 million downloads. It covers all the main tournaments and has real animations and remarks. These are in English and Hindi. The insurance includes over 200 international locations. It covers all major tournaments from the Asia Cup to the World Test Championship. This gives cricket lovers coverage for all cricket. The game has high frame costs. It also has long stay occasions. But, Epic Cricket keeps players engaged and entertained.

1. Hitwicket:

Hitwicket gives casual cricket gameplay with easy controls for batting and bowling. Play offline. Or, lead your personal group in on-line multiplayer leagues. They have live scoring for a hyper-customized cricketing enjoy. With the World Cup and Alliance Wars, Hitwjson offers fans many chances to show off their skills. They can show off their skill in strategy.


Gaming has never been easier or more immersive. This is because mobile games are available on Androids and iPhones. The eleven games cover the tough middle of cricket enthusiasts. They also suit folks who want casual fun. Real simulations and arcade-style thrones let you revel in cricket. You can use them on your mobiles. So, grasp that bat. Lace up those shoes. Feel the thunder of the sport up close. It’s all right at your fingertips.


Q1. Are these cricket games to be had for each Android and iPhone users?

Ans: Yes, all the cricket games above are on Android via the Google Play Store. They are also on iPhone via the App Store. Fans of the game likely have different phones and can see it there. 

Q2. Do those video games must a web connection to play?

Ans: Other video games have distinct modes of online multiplayer. All them must be played over the internet. Others, like Sachin Saga Cricket Champions and Real Cricket GO, have modes of offline gameplay. Players may revel in plenty of gambling reviews from low to high consistent with their desired connectivity.

 Q3. Will the gamers be capable of personalizing their characters or teams in the sport?

Ans: Yes, a lot of those cricket games provide good sized customization alternatives. All this, for sure, adds that non-public notice to the sport with the possibility of dressing characters or teams to the fullest, attributes for gamers, or even the possibility of making one’s personal team in a few video games. 

Q4. Are these games free to play, or do they include in-app purchases?

Ans: Most of the cricket games above are loose to download and allow unfastened play after the purchase of the software. However, they will encompass non-compulsory in-app purchases for extra content material, improvements, or digital gadgets. They characteristic in-app purchases wherein players should purchase an upgraded experience in the sport, but it is not a must for the center sport.   

Q5. To what degree are the gameplay mechanics and photos of the said games considered practical

Ans: These are all games of cricket trying to emanate practical mechanics of play and extremely good pleasant pix that embody the emotion of a real cricket healthy. It can be something from motion-seize animations, expert remarks, realistic stadiums, and the whole lot else required to offer authentic endeavor of cricket gaming.

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