Paul Inouye Wife: A Glimpse into the Life of Jacqueline Inouye

Paul Inouye wife

Paul Inouye is a famous American businessman and a technology investment banker who performed as the CEO of Western Hill Partners. However, this man is also a hardworking husband, and father, and was a successful provider to his family. Jacqueline Inouye is his wife and she has a lot of importance in his life. Some of these include, Paul Inouye wife has nursing experience and for years she has been involved in various philanthropic affairs. Together are presented as family-oriented, having a strong love between them as well as mutual respect and similar values. 

Profile Summary

NameJacqueline Inouye
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthUnknown
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePaul Inouye
ProfessionFormer Nurse, Philantropist
Net WorthUnknown
Social MediaUnknown

Paul Inouye wife’s Physical Status 

The information concerning her actual height, weight and some other physical characteristics of Jacqueline Inouye are still unknown. Jacqueline Inouye has not disclosed this information to the public and keeps her personal life pretty much to herself.  It is not known when exactly Jacqueline was born.

Early Life Of Jacqueline Inouye

Limited information is available about Jacqueline Inouye’s childhood and family, particularly her father. People often refer to her only as Jacqueline Inouye. It is not known much regarding her background, her childhood, or her family as she was taking a nursing journey and later into philanthropy and all this points to a healthy underlying values system oriented towards the service of others. 

Paul Inouye wife’s Education 

Unfortunately, there is little information about Jacqueline Inouye’s education in the general information sources. The girl studied nursing and, thus, she most likely completed a program in healthcare. 

Career Paul Inouye wife’s Career 

Jacqueline Inouye first wanted to become a nurse. This commitment can probably be seen through her medical-related job and her way of helping fellow beings. However, she then switched to philanthropy where is involved in charitable work and exercising. Her desire to serve in the community. From the various roles and positions that Jacqueline has held in various nonprofits and organizations such as UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and the San Francisco Symphony, one gets to see that she has dedicated her both time and talent to society. 

Personal Life Of Paul Inouye wife

Personal Life Of Paul Inouye wife

Paul and Jacqueline Inouye are happy, loving, and devoted spouses to each other. Since 1992, they have both been with the investment bank, where they started dating, and for four years before tying the knot in 1996. Housing foreclosed on in 2005, Jacqueline switched from the financial field to the non-profit one to work in charities. The couple also has two adorable children with whom they are very close and dear, a boy and a girl. The sense of family values and philanthropy is core to them as a couple. 

Paul Inouye wife’s Net Worth 

Jacqueline Inouye has not sworn in her net worth amount but her husband’s estimated amount is of $25million. Technology investment banking is a wealth-generating activity and; the joint contributions they have made through philanthropic activities form additional fortunes. 

Social Media Profile Paul Inouye wife

Jacqueline Inouye did not publicize her personal information. Therefore, it is hard to provide general information about her being on social networks such as likes or followers numbers. 

Interesting Facts About Jacqueline Inouye 

  1. Philanthropic Passion: Many charitable activities are reported to be supported by Jacqueline, which is a true testimony of an individual who is willing to support the community. 
  2. Former Nurse: Other than being a philanthropist, Jacqueline was also a nurse before she fully decided to assist people through charity. 
  3.  Supportive Spouse: True, Jacqueline has always been a great support to Paul Inouye in his career and also in managing her career family well. 
  4.  Family-oriented: She is devoted to her family, loving her position as a mother of their two kids. 
  5.  Board Memberships: Besides, she is a member of other boards of commendable institutions offering her experience and the zeal to give back to society in different aspects. 


Jacqueline Inouye is an amazing woman who rose through the ranks of nursing through philanthropy to support society. Paul Inouye wife and thus is an essential part of his life because they support each other and the shared values of stability, family, and assistance to the community. The two focus on their two children and jointly use their efforts to be an inspiration to society. 

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