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Josie Hart

Graceful, talented, and a bit mysterious all rolled up into one is Josie Hart. She lives a low-key life far from the sparkle of Hollywood. But, her name clearly oozes with acting and devotion to newborn care. This article is about Josie Hart. It chronicles her biography, acting career, and personal life, among others.

Josie’s Bio

Josie Hart was born in 1957 in Brooklyn, New York. She is an actress as well as an entrepreneur with a passion for taking care of newborns. Hart is best known for keeping a low profile. This was true even after her famous marriage to actor Blair Underwood. She prefers to let her work speak for itself. Her long relationship with Underwood can speak for itself.

Hart’s Physical appearance

Josie Hart

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has a firm, strong voice. Josie Hart’s commanding presence suits both the screen and real life. These physical attributes, along with her black hair and eyes, help give her an aura. It’s one of a poised and grounded woman.

Family of Josie

Much of what goes on in Hart’s life is the fulfillment she gets from her family. She is very close to her family. This includes her mother. She once posted on social media about how much she loved and adored her. She is also a proud mother of three, a sign of being motherly. Josie Hart and Blair Underwood have been best friends for over 40 years. She met him at 16 years old, and from then on, friendship brewed into a relationship. Underwood announced the engagement in November 2022. Their relationship has a distinctive history. They lived “parallel, separate lives” due to being on opposite coasts. Josie lived on the East Coast with her children. Blair lived mainly in California on the West Coast. They rarely saw each other, but they ended up great friends over the years.

Early Life of Josie Hart

Hart was born in Brooklyn, where she grew up with a talent for writing and acting. Later, she finished high school. She then decided to get more education. She wanted to become a writer and an actresses. Her career was built at an early age and she has since been seen on screens displaying an inborn talent. Hart’s educational background is protected. But, she is known to be a graduate. This reflects her commitment to learning and growth.

Professional Career

Josie Hart made her acting debut in the 2008 critically acclaimed British zombie film “Colin”. She is also more than an actress as has been proven when she set up Baby Seal and Little Hearts in 2000 to help new parents.

Marriage Life Of Josie

Josie Hart

Hart carried her romantic affairs with an iron hand always to remain out of the limelight until when married. The affair she had with Blair Underwood, who was a friend for over 40 years, became a serious affair.

In a magical ceremony held at the Casa de Campo Resort & Villas in the Dominican Republic, Josie Hart and Blair Underwood wed as they celebrated their loving and strong dedication to one another after decades of friendship.

Awards and Accolades, Movies, Songs

Although Hart has not won any known public award, her venture in film and entrepreneurship in infant care speaks volumes in terms of achievements. Some of the milestones in her career include her starring in “Colin” and joining Underwood in the 50th International Emmy Awards.

Personal on Social Media

Hart loves using social media. She’s thoughtful and engaging but keeps some things private. She has been seen on the red carpet and sharing major moments with her followers, such as getting engaged to Underwood.

Josie’s Net Worth

The net worth accruing to Josie Hart at the moment, with respect to fine performance in acting and her varied ventures in newborn care, is approximated at $3 Million.


Josie Hart’s is a passionate, private, and deep relationship journey, in fact, the discovery of the arts and relentless zeal on behalf of families with newborns represent a woman who values life and the very principles of love. As she continues to “live life out loud,” her story remains an inspiration to many.


Q1. Who is Josie Hart?

Ans: Josie Hart is the better half of Blair Underwood. They recently tied the knot and were married on June 24, 2023. Blair, more often than not, living a very public life as an actor, it is not the same for his wife.

Q2. How did Josie and Blair meet?

Ans: Friends for more than 40 years, Josie and Blair first met at 16. That enduring friendship blossomed into romance. Even though separate-living parallelism occurred in their lives, Josie spent most of her time on the East Coast with her children, and Blair primarily lived on the West Coast in California; they never lost track of being great friends. Their families also share a close bond.

Q3. When did they walk the red carpet?

Ans: Josie and Blair have been best friends for decades but only made their red carpet couple debut in November 2022. The two were in New York for the 50th International Emmy Awards, where it was their first red carpet together as an engaged couple.

Q4. Josie’s Career and Notable Role

Josie Hart gained recognition for her role in the 2008 British Zombie movie “Colin,” directed by Marc Price. Her performance was praised, and the film garnered success at festivals, including Cannes 2009.

Q5. What about the age difference between them?

Ans: Josie is 66 in 2022, meaning eight years older than Blair. That age difference, nonetheless, matters not for the two. They found true love in each other and now are looking forward to living life together. They reportedly just recently married in the dreamy setting of Casa de Campo Resort & Villas in the Dominican Republic2.

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