Digitad Case Study: Empowering Brands to Thrive in Digital Age


The digital marketing landscape is changing fast. Firms like Digitad are adapting to fit the market and its demands. This case study is about how it worked with Danone. They aimed to boost Activia’s online presence. They would do this using data-based strategies. In the digital age, your online footprint is key to your business. It’s as important as your physical one. That’s where it comes in. It’s a web marketing agency. It focuses on lifting businesses on the Internet. At here, we understand that every business is unique. So, we give tailor-made solutions to fit any specific need and budget you may have.

About Digitad

Digitad is a Montreal-based digital marketing agency and was founded in 2015 by Jeremie Abbou. It grew from the idea that SMEs did not use digital marketing tools enough. And, it offers online ads and social media management. It quickly scaled to service over 850 customers in Canada and France. It made the agency stand out in a competitive and rough world.

Services Offered by Digitad

Digitad focuses on the quality of services and has achieved a return on investment for over 850 clients from Canada and France, while some of them are mentioned below:

  • All-round Web Marketing: Our services include much more than SEO and Google AdWords. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This will help your website become more visible. It will be seen by people looking for what you offer.
  • Digital Marketing: On a platform like Google Adwords, you need to pay to feature your business.
  • Social media management: You will develop and use interactive strategies. Your audience will engage with them on your social media.

Pricing Structure

Each service of the site has different pricing models. You can have the subscription according to your required time frame and budget. Here we have given a glimpse of the pricing structure below: 

SEO Pricing


SEM Pricing


Display Advertising Pricing


Social Ads Pricing


Social Media Pricing


Note: Along with these two plans, it also offers the Customized plan. But, to know about its pricing status you have to consult with the team of the platform. 

The Online Marketing Arena: The Challenges Ahead 


This has revolutionized advertising. That’s why digital marketing agencies have taken off. They have taken off suddenly. So, there is a severe lack of talent and rising competition. Agencies need to innovate ruthlessly to have an edge. This triggered high competition for consolidation. It’s shown by the big growth in market size and entry barriers.

Opportunities Amidst

The digital ad market in Canada will be competitive. But, it still has big potential. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it sped up the move to digital. It also increased digital spending. This increase is anticipated to be 25% over the next four years. Creating a unique product and using data became a big part of this game.

Activia Case Study: Understanding the Market Dynamics

In 2020, Digitad did a big digital market research project for Activia. We focused on its size, growth, and user behavior. The keyword analysis was supposed to be in-depth. It was meant to give insights into the online opportunity for Activia. It was meant to show how Activia is doing compared to its competitors.

Activia Current Performance Assessment

They will now analyze Activia’s performance in search and look at its ranking for relevant search queries. They will see how it compares to the key competitors. Additionally, the research also helped us find the limiting factors. These include keyword difficulty and website optimization. They wouldn’t allow better ranking for Activia. It would compare it to other Danone brands. This comparison is needed to prioritise marketing.

Developing a Strategic Plan

From these learnings, Digitad made a plan. Short-term actions included specific keyword targeting. They also involved making site content better. They also involved improving the site map. The goal was to make it align better with how consumers search. The plan includes content marketing and link-building. You must repeat these actions.


The digital world is growing fast. Companies need a strategy fueled by data and is needed to keep their edge. The Danone partnership is a great example. It shows how much data helps turn around a brand’s digital presence. Understanding market dynamics is key. The case study uses data to show Digitad’s strategy for Activia. It helped them emerge as a leader in probiotic yogurt. Brands that keep improving will get many chances from digital channels.


Q1. What does make Digitad unique from other marketing agencies? 

Ans: Digitad provides quality work at affordable pricing. This agency focuses on ROI. It gives clients expert marketing help. This help is based on data. 

Q2. What are the challenges facing the digital marketing landscape?

Ans: Digital marketing has become very competitive. This is due to a lack of talent and fast technological advancement.

Q3. How did Digitas help Danone improve the digital presence of Activia? 

Ans: It did a thorough digital market study for Activia. It analyzed the market and how Activia is doing compared to competitors.

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